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Friday, December 30, 2011

6 Tattoos Added

Thanks to Nathalie, Colette, Carlos, Aubrie, Peter and Taylor for sending in their tattoos.  They have been added to the tattoo section of the website.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and all the best in 2012!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Marilyn Costumes Sold at Debbie Reynolds Auction Part Two

The second part of Debbie Reynolds collection was sold today at auction by Profiles in History.  As you may recall the first auction included the white seven year itch dress which sold for 4 million dollars.  In fact, all of Marilyn's dresses went for over $500,000.  It is surprising to me that the dresses sold today only reached half of that.  Perhaps it is because this second auction was not publicized as much as the first one.  Maybe the white dress was such a big draw that it brought attention to the other costumes being sold at the same time.

This is the signature costume for Marilyn’s character “Cherie”, the na├»ve yet determined saloon singer heading for Hollywood in Joshua Logan’s romantic Western from the play by William Inge, Bus Stop. It is also one of the most iconic and indelible looks from her entire career, being a top choice for publicity images of Marilyn even to this very day. In it, she performs (intentionally naively) “That Old Black Magic”, winning the heart of the handsome and rather eager cowboy played by Don Murray. This was to be the last of the great collaborations between Marilyn and her favorite costume designer, William Travilla. TCF handwritten label “Marilyn Monroe A-769-03”. Exhibits sequin loss along neckline and minimal sequin loss on bodice, and straps have been replaced.
SOLD FOR $230,000

Elegant, two-piece evening gown designed by Travilla of an aubergine steel gray couched in meandering-pattern braid and accented by two aubergine satin trains flowing from the waist. Handwritten studio tag inside dress reads “1-27-3-7914 M. MONROE A-698-53,” and jacket has handwritten label “1-41-2-0570 Marilyn Monroe A-698-16.” Worn quite memorably by Miss Monroe for several scenes, from her clever efforts to remove Elliot Reid’s clothes in order to search them, to being stuck halfway through a porthole, requiring rescue by her youngest suitor Mr. Henry Spofford III (age 9, going on 21). Material on waist is detached two inches, else Fine as screen-worn.

SOLD FOR $260,000

Pale green silk pleated strapless dress adorned with rhinestones (a few of which are missing). TCF label handwritten “F-13 M. Monroe”. Designed to be unbearably sexy without also being un-releasable due to censorship, a condition several earlier costumes designed for Marilyn suffered from. Worn for the title number, in which Marilyn offers herself upon a mid-century-modern stage of cross-rotating apartment flats, first to Frankie Vaughan, then Yves Montand (in his fantasy sublimation). This timeless creation by Dorothy Jeakins remains one of the most attractive costumes ever created for this legendary actress.

SOLD FOR $240,000

Light aqua two-piece raw silk suit with Monroe Lloyd of California label. A rather conservative look for Marilyn, which was deliberately chosen by her character as Joseph Cotten’s unfaithful wife, off to an illicit rendezvous with her lover under Niagara Falls in Henry Hathaway’s Niagara. The indelible image of Marilyn’s hips swinging as she walks away in this form-fitted outfit is considered one of the great “sex in cinema” sequences released during the height of the censorship Production Code. This 2-piece suit was modified under Dorothy Jeakins’ direction from an off-the-rack couture ensemble. Shoulders exhibit light soiling, and skirt has 2 in. tear at split, otherwise Fine as screen-worn.

SOLD FOR $210,000

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis Video Book Review

I was playing around with my iphone and thought I would give doing a video book review a shot.  I recently received the new book "Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis" by David Wills.  It is a beautiful photography book.  Let me know if you like the video reviews and what other books you'd like to see in the comments.

If you'd rather read my review you can go here.

Please consider ordering your copy through this amazon link.  Thanks ever so!

My Week With Marilyn Review

I just got home from watching "My Week with Marilyn" starring Michelle Williams.  I had to drive an hour each way to find a theatre near me that was showing it.  Thankfully, it was worth my effort.  I was not expecting to be impressed with the film due to the book it was based on but I have to say that I loved it.  I'll try to give you my thoughts without giving away spoilers.

Michelle did a wonderful job portraying Marilyn.  Of course she does not look and sound exactly like her but I don't think that is necessary.  She certainly embodied Marilyn's mannerisms and I enjoyed watching her.  When she first appeared on the screen in the Prince and Showgirl dress it took my breath away.

Kenneth Branagh was amazing as Oliver.  I truly enjoyed watching his scenes.  I don't think the Milton Greene character was depicted well.  He seemed to be working for Oliver in the film and it did not show how close Marilyn and him actually were.  Miller was also a secondary type of character.  The movie was really all Oliver, Marilyn and Colin.

I surprised that I was able to get over the fact that they claim this film is based on a true story and most fans think Colin Clark completely fabricated his relationship with Marilyn.  While I don't think most of the events depicted in the film actually happened it doesn't really matter.  I found myself enjoying it as a a piece of fiction.  It remained true to Marilyn as a person and I don't think they exploited her to make the film.  

In the end I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much is because it was based on such a specific event in her life (filming of Prince and Showgirl) instead of being a true biopic.  I really didn't know what was going to happen next as I haven't read Clark's second book, My Week with Marilyn.  I found it refreshing that it wasn't a rehash of her entire life story and of course it was wonderful not to have to sit through another horrible death scene.

The best thing about this film is that it is going to bring new fans to Marilyn and remind older fans why they feel in love with her in the first place.  As I was leaving the theatre I listened to a couple of older ladies in front of me describe how difficult it must have been to work with Marilyn.  Then they conceded that it was all worth it in the end because of how she connected with the camera.  They both remembered seeing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when it came out and expressed how much they loved her in that.  It left me smiling that she is still appreciated today. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Kim Goodwin Doll

I'm proud to display Kim Goodwin's latest Marilyn doll creation.  He has captured Marilyn as she appeared at the 1954 photoplay awards.  If you haven't visited Kim's doll section on my website you are missing out.  His dolls remain the best likeness of Marilyn ever captured.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all my US friends are enjoying a great turkey day!  Don't shop too much tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Win tickets to the Toronto Screening of My Week With Marilyn



Attention Toronto Fans - Be one of the first people to see the new film "My Week with Marilyn" starring Michelle Williams.  I am giving away free passes to an advance screening of this film.  See it before it is released to the public!!

The screenings will take place in Toronto on Wednesday November 23  and Thursday November 24 at 7:00pm.    Winners will receive admission for themselves and a guest.

There will be 20 winners selected....yes you heard me right....I have 20 double passes to this film available!!!

To enter this contest email me at with the answer to the following question:

Michelle Williams portrays Marilyn Monroe during the making of what film?

Please include which date you would prefer if you are chosen as a winner.  Entries need to be received by 12:00pm on Saturday November 19, 2011.  Winners will be drawn at random from all correct entries.  You will need access to a printer in order to redeem your tickets.

About the film:
In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film business, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. The film that famously united Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) and Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams), who was also on honeymoon with her new husband, the playwright Aurthur Miller (Dougray Scott).

Nearly 40 years on, his diary account The Prince, the Showgirl and Me was published, but one week was missing and this was published some years later as My Week with Marilyn – this is the story of that week.  When Arthur Miller leaves England, the coast is clear for Colin to introduce Marilyn to some of the pleasures of British life; an idyllic week in which he escorted a Monroe desperate to get away from her retinue of Hollywood hangers-on and the pressures of work. 


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Night Before Christmas Marilyn

I have been wanting to get the Night Before Christmas Franklin Mint Marilyn doll for many years now.  Every Christmas I think wouldn't it be nice to have that doll to display as some festive decoration.  I prefer to get just the dresses now (when that is possible) because I have the Marilyn trunk to store them in.  This way I can pull this outfit out each year and dress her up for the holidays :)  I found this one on Ebay for a good price.  It is currently in transit but I can't wait for it to arrive.

10% off if you use the coupon code MARILYN or you can get free shipping using MINTSHIP

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone has a great night - don't eat too much candy!  Here are some Marilyn pumpkins to get you in the mood.  Enjoy!  Did you do a Marilyn pumpkin this year?  If so, send me a photo.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Franklin Mint Now Ships Internationally

I am so happy to report that those of us who live outside the USA can finally order dolls from the Franklin Mint website.  International shipping is now available.  If you need a recommendation, the tiger dress doll is my favourite current doll they have available.  Just click on the link below and be sure enter the promo code MARILYN which gives visitors of my website 10% off.  The code is good until the end of the year.  Happy Shopping!

Franklin Mint

Sunday, October 23, 2011

River of No Return Dress Sells for Over Half a Million Dollars

Marilyn's green dress from the film, River of No Return, sold at auction this weekend for $516,600.

She famously wore this while singing "I'm Gonna File My Claim".

It was featured in the Legends auction by Juliens Auction House in China and was sold to a private buyer.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Review - Marilyn Intimate Exposures by Susan Bernard

There was quite a bit of media coverage over this book simply because Lindsay Lohan wrote an introduction for it.  I personally don't have an issue with it.  I know many fans were turned off that she compared herself to Marilyn.  However, I don’t have a problem with Lindsay.  I think she has proven that she is a true fan of Marilyn (unlike other stars who get their MM tattoos removed).  My only gripe is that I would have liked to hear more about how Lindsay became a fan and what she admires in Marilyn instead of about Lindsay herself.

Perhaps to balance the introductions with new and old perspectives, Jane Russell was also included.  Most of what Jane has to say here is repeated from her autobiography.  However, it is touching to see that Marilyn was still on her mind even when Jane turned 90 years old.  Jane has since passed away so it is wonderful that Susan was able to include something fresh from her in this book.

This book is a visual journal depicting Marilyn’s career through the lens of Bernard of Hollywood.  It is an oversized gem at 10 x12 inches with 200 pages.  I am so glad they went with such a large scale to display the photos.  You can tell great care was taken in choosing the photos and the quality is fantastic.  It is a treat for the eyes with many full page and some two-page layouts.  In particular, there is a shot of Marilyn and Johnny Hyde where he is tying her party hat that is close up and stretches across 2 full pages.  While it is a familiar shot, this layout is new and the closeness of it makes it feel very intimate.   Another 2-page spread that caught my eye is a beautiful colour shot of Marilyn sitting on a globe.  The exact pose is new for me and the sheer size of it is spectacular.

Intimacy (as the title suggests) is what Susan Bernard must have been striving for in this edition of her book.  As Marilyn book collectors will be aware, Susan also published a book based on her father’s photos and journal entries called “Bernard of Hollywood’s Marilyn” in 1993.  While some photos are the same and many journal entries are identical, that is where the similarities end.  Marilyn Intimate Exposure is a far superior book.  It even includes a beautiful photographic print from the Seven Year Itch in an envelope at the back so you can frame it.

This time around Susan has included ephemera that her father kept.   It is wonderful to see his handwriting, envelopes, letters, contact sheets, etc.  It really helps establish that intimate feeling, like we are really looking through his things and his memories of Marilyn.  Visually it makes the book much more interesting than simply reprinting photos that we have already seen.  I love the look and feel of this book.  Susan has also done a wonderful job re-working her father’s journal entries and including some fresh material to tell his story of working with Marilyn.

The book covers Marilyn’s life from the young model, Norma Jeane, until her death.  I was impressed to see that Susan made an effort to dispel the lies that Robert Slatzer has told over the years (like being married to Marilyn).  There is even a conversation between Bernard and Pat Newcomb included disputing Slatzer’s claims.  For the conspiracy buffs there are etters and photos included, allegedly showing that Robert Kennedy was not in Los Angeles when Marilyn died.
Susan has done a fantastic job including something for everyone in this book. I highly recommend this book for new fans and also collectors who may already have Susan’s first book.

You can purchase this book through amazon at the link below...

You can find more information and over 90 book reviews in the Marilyn books section on my website at

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marilyn Tips for Vegas

Just returned from a trip to Vegas.  I absolutely love visiting that place.  It was my 4th trip there.  I thought I would share some Marilyn-related things in case anyone else is going soon.  If anyone is looking for a Marilyn slot machine - there was one left at the Mirage just behind the high limit slot area.  It is a dollar machine.

I visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (if you go after 7pm Mon-Thurs you can get a 2-for-1 coupon here).  It was a lot more fun than I expected.  I didn't realize that the statues were out in the open and you were encouraged to pose with them.  I assumed they would all be off limits and you'd look from a distance.  That was not the case as you can see.  They even had props available - hence the bunny ears :)

I was starting to wonder if they were going to have a Marilyn statue as she was no where to be found with the other actors/actresses.  They have stuck her in the area with the political statues. I'm guessing because JFK is in the room but who knows.  It really isn't a great likeness of Marilyn.  The hair is wrong and the face really looks nothing like her.  However, it was still nice to see her there and that people were excited to pose with her - which of course I did too.

They have a gift shop when you get to the end of the exhibit (looks like you can access it whether or not you take the tour) that had some Marilyn goodies.  There was coffee mugs, tote bags, calendars and magnets.  I picked up a book and a plastic drink cup.

In the Caesars Palace Forum Shops you can find a memorabilia store called Antiquities. It is filled with framed autographs.  They also have a small Marilyn goodie section with cups, photos, postcards, clocks, etc.  I noticed a really beautiful framed Marilyn piece on the wall.  They don't allow you to take photos so I couldn't get a pic of it.  It is a letter from Marilyn to Milton Greene.  She has signed it as President of Marilyn Monroe Productions.  It is regarding giving him a copy of the Prince and the Showgirl film.  It is framed with great photos from the right time period, including one of her and Milton.  The top has a great graphic of her signature with the red lips.  I was in love with it but the price tag was $8000!!!  I didn't win big while I was there so it is still on the wall :)

Finally, I couldn't help but notice the Guess store in the Miracle Miles shopping area of Planet Hollywood.  It was filled with photos of a model who looked Marilyn inspired.  It is obviously based on Marilyn in the film, Bus Stop.  They also had TVs that were playing footage from this photo shoot.  Here are some photos from the ad campaign.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 Vintage Magazine Articles Added

Thanks to Angelina and Anastasia for sending in a couple of Marilyn articles from some Vintage magazine they had.  I really appreciate people helping out with this section of my website by transcribing the articles including photo captions (into word or typed into an email) and also emailing a scan of the article to  This way I can also include the photos and front of the magazine.  I prefer transcribed articles because they are easier for everyone to read and people can adjust the font.

You can visit the updated articles here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Virtual Marilyn Selling Dior

So it looks like Marilyn has given up her Chanel No. 5, at least according to Christian Dior.  Thanks to the wonders of CGI Marilyn makes an appearance in the new Dior commerical for J'adore perfume.  Charlize Theron stars as a model late for her runway appearance.  She is seen backstage walking past the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and finally Marilyn.  There is something just a little off about the virtual Marilyn in my opinion.  I know the company who now owns the rights to Marilyn's image (Authentic Brand Group) had already announced they had plans to bring Marilyn to life through CGI.  I imagine this was what they were referring to.  The positive thing is that the ad is high-end and certainly nothing out of character for Marilyn - I mean she did like perfume after all.  Let's hope they keep future Marilyn projects classy and respectful too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Holly Madison modeling Marilyn's necklace and jacket

UPDATED:  Thank you to a couple of fans who pointed out that Holly looks to be modeling Marilyn's jacket from Prince and the Showgirl and her Ceil Chapman dress in this photo.  I updated the photo that was originally posted on this blog with one that shows more of the jacket and dress.  The question was raised is she actually wearing Marilyn's necklace too?  I thought it was a good possibility since the necklace does look like it is missing some stones.   So I looked back at the Juliens auction where the necklace was sold in 2009.  Sure enough the jacket and dress was also for sale in that auction and the auction was held at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.  So obviously this photo shows Holly (who's Vegas show is at Planet Hollywood) modeling the items that were being sold at auction!  Lucky girl!!

I was looking through Holly's new book The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas when I noticed a photo I thought I'd share.

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful necklace she is wearing.  Since Holly is such a big fan of Marilyn I am sure it is no coincidence that it looks exactly like the famous necklace Marilyn wore in the Sam Shaw photos.

I am actually a fan of Holly.  I think she is gorgeous and seems like a genuine person.  Of course, being a Marilyn fan doesn't hurt her either :)  I had the chance to see her Vegas show "Peepshow".  Highly recommended if you are looking for some adult entertainment.

Here are some more photos of Holly where she was inspired by Marilyn.