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Sunday, November 4, 2012

"I am Lorelei Lee" by Tonner Dolls Review

In addition to the release of Marilyn Monroe dolls that come as either Pola or Diamonds, Tonner also released some additional outfits for these dolls.

I have the outfit named "I am Lorelei Lee".  Fantastic name.  This is a lesser known gown that Marilyn wore in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

I am so thankful they didn't pick the over used gold lame dress or red little rock dress.

Marilyn wore this dress during a memorable scene where she is asked "Have you got the nerve to tell me you don't want to marry my son for his money?" to which she replies "It's true ....  I want to marry him for your money."  

The outfit comes nicely displayed in its own box.  It comes with an electric blue dress and accompanying bolero jacket.  Accessories included are bracelet, earrings, shoes and a fabulous mink!  

I love this outfit on the Pola doll.  I prefer it over the bathing suit.  It looks nicer on the stand.

Speaking of the stand.  This dress is form fitting.  So much so that I found it impossible to put the doll on the stand after you have her dressed.  You need to put the dress around her ankles and put her on the stand at that point.  Then pull the dress up over the stand.  I was surprised there were no undergarments included (like the Franklin Mint dolls had).  Then again, Marilyn was known for not wearing them anyway.

The jewelry is true to the film and the shoes are gorgeous.  I still think the mink steals the look.  It is a large mink that you can wear in many different ways due to the length.

I'll be keeping Marilyn in this outfit until the next one arrives.  I really love how the blue looks on her.  She stands out in a room full of Marilyn dolls as the first I have ever seen in this outfit.  I highly recommend this dress for your Tonner Marilyn doll.

You can purchased this outfit directly from Tonner Doll Company

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