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Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Roberta Moves In" by Tonner Dolls Review

Here is a look at another Marilyn outfit available from Tonner Dolls. It is called "Roberta Moves In" and is based on Marilyn's character in the 1951 film Love Nest.  It is pictured here on their Pola doll.

Since Love Nest is not a widely known film it seems like a strange choice for a mass market oufit.  It certainly isn't on the list of well known dresses Marilyn is famous for.

In addition since the film was in black and white it never had that wow colour factor like all of the other dresses in this collection have.

Nevertheless, this is another fun outfit to put on your Tonner doll.  The earrings are very detailed and surprisingly accurate to the film.  The hat with the veil was a little tricky to put on her but it was worth it.  The overall look is beautiful.

My only accessory complaint is the gloves.  I realize there is nothing doll makers can really do to make them look more like gloves instead of mitts.  However, they still bother me.

The outfit consists of a skirt and jacket.  The skirt is not as skin tight as the others and you can dress her and then put her on the stand.  It is a nice gray with white accents.

Definitely recommend this outfit.  It is something unique in the Marilyn doll world as it has never appeared on another doll.

You can purchase this through the Tonner website here.

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