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Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Hot Night" by Tonner Dolls Review

I must admit that this is the outfit I have been the most excited about.  Finally, Tonner dolls have released their version of Marilyn's famous dress she wore in the film "Niagara".  This scene from Marilyn movie history has been ignored in the past by other doll companies.  Kudos to Tonner for making this a reality.  I would have loved it to be named "Get out the fire hose" :)

I have reviewed the doll itself in a previous blog post.  The best thing about the Tonner doll is the fun you can have dressing her up in different outfits.  I hope they decide to continue with their Marilyn outfits (the misfits cherry dress please!).

Again, the outfit came packaged beautifully.  It included the white shawl, jewelry and shoes.  A minature record would have been a really fun accessory as Marilyn carries her Kiss record wearing this dress.

The shoes were even trickier to put on her than the Pola versions.  The straps are shorter to work with so it took some time.  However, once you get them on it is well worth the effort.  They look fabulous.

I absolutely love the heart bracelet which is true to what Marilyn really wore.  I do have a gripe when it comes to the jewelry though.  I do not understand why the earrings are silver but the bracelet is gold.  It makes no sense and looks silly.  Marilyn clearly wore gold hoop earrings in the film so why send them as silver.  I ended up changing them out for the gold hoops from the Franklin Mint Korea outfit.

The centerpiece of course is the pink peekaboo dress that is instantly recognizable from the film.  They did a fantastic job capturing the look of this dress.  The material is sturdy and well made.  It fits her like a glove.  Any tighter and she'd have to be sewn in (which the real Marilyn did from time to time).  I think they nailed it with the colour.  Very true to the film.  Even the way it sits on her shoulders is the same.  This is my favourite outfit that they have done.  Highly recommended.

Purchase "Hot Night" outfit directly from Tonner Dolls here.

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