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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Franklin Mint Doll - Eternally Marilyn

It has been 5 years since the Franklin Mint released a new Porcelain Marilyn Monroe doll.  So I was excited to see the new Eternally Marilyn.  She seems to be based on the Richard Avedon photos of Marilyn in a black sequined dress with a fur wrap.  The only difference is that they went with a black wrap on the doll.

I love dolls that have been created since 2000.  Their poses are interesting and I think they do a great job capturing Marilyn's likeness.  The earlier dolls leave a lot to be desired.  I also like that they are using less "famous" outfits.  I get tired of seeing the same film worn costumes all the time.  Marilyn has a library of amazing photographs and it is great to see them come to life in doll form.

If you are interested in ordering her please follow this link to the doll section of my website and scroll down to the No. 18 doll where you will see an ordering link.  I appreciate everyone who visits my site to order their franklin mint dolls as I get a small commission which helps to pay the hosting fees - and keeps those annoying pop-up ads off my site.

You can get a discount at Franklin Mint using these codes until Dec 31, 2009.    Save 25% when you spend $300 (Code XM25),  Save 20% when you spend $250 (Code XM20) and Save 10% when you spend $150 (Code XM10).

For those who live in Canada, I will add a link here shortly to a distributor in Canada for the Franklin Mint Products.

Marilyn Collectors wanted for new book!

There is a new Marilyn book in the works that will be similar to the Marilyn Monroe Treasures book that was released last year. I have seen their Warhol treasure book and it is fabulous! The reproduction items are really detailed and I am excited another publisher is taking a crack at this type of Marilyn book.

They are looking for fans who would be willing to share any items connected with Marilyn such as letters, receipts, notes, etc. Basically anything that could be reproduced. The warhol book had a passport - Man, I wish we could get Marilyn's passport into this one!  The quality is superb.

If you or someone you know can help please contact:

Jennifer Barr

Project Editor

Carlton Publishing Group

20 Mortimer Street

London W1T 3JW



Saturday, November 7, 2009

5 Tattoos Added

Thanks to Gabe, Chuck, Amy, Brent and Kate for allowing me to display their tattoos.


New Fans in her hands

Thanks to Hannah and Lorraine for sending in their pics to the fans in her hands section.

hannah  lorraine

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marilyn Co-star Autographs

I've had a lot of requests from fans for the addresses I used to get my co-star autographs.  I have had success sending a photo in a self addressed stamped envelope to the following addresses:

Lauren Bacall
1 West 72nd Street
Suite 43
New York, NY 10023

Don Murray
CESD Talent Agency
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 130/135
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Jane Russell Enterprises
507 Boscoe Court
Santa Maria, CA, USA 93454

Note: Jane requests payment for her autographs. All money raised is donated to her WAIF charity. Jane seems to have the longest turnaround as some fans have waited 6 months before it was received.

$30 – If sending your own image and wanting an autograph only
$35 – If sending your own image and wanting a personal autograph
$45 – For an autographed photo supplied by Jane

Eli Wallach
90 Riverside Dr
New York, NY 10024-5306