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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The new sale of the century - Julien's Auctions Nov 2016

It was called the sale of the century.  Nothing has come close to the Christies auction of Marilyn's personal belongings back in October 1999.  Nothing that is until now....

Juliens Auctions is holding a Marilyn only auction starting November 17, 2016.  This has turned out to be the largest offering of Marilyn owned items since Christies.  I doubt we will ever see an auction like this again.  The auction catalogue itself will be a collectable in its own right.

The highlight of the auction is sure to be the Happy Birthday Mr. President dress Marilyn wore while singing to JFK.  This dress originally sold at Christies and has not been publicly seen since.  The dress will be on exhibit in New Jersey, Ireland and LA.

If anyone is thinking about bidding in the upcoming Julien's auction (and if you ever wanted to own something of Marilyn's then you should be bidding!!) I highly recommend that you do it over the phone and NOT online. I bid on a previous Juliens auction using the phone method. They call you a couple of lots before the one you want comes up. The important part of this is that if you bid online you are charged an additional 3% buyers premium!!! You will save money doing it over the phone.  Be aware you have to pay a 25% buyer premium no matter which method you choose but if online it becomes 28%.

Good luck everyone!

Juliens Marilyn Monroe Auction