Marilyn in the news

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Marilyn Chair!

Look what I picked up!  It is a really cute chair and ottoman with Marilyn and Audrey all over it.  For those in Canada you can find it at Bad Boy Furniture Stores.  Be warned though it is alot smaller in person then how it looks in photos.  Great for small spaces.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Marilyn Tattoo added

Thanks to Karen for sending in her beautiful tattoo.  It has been added to the website.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kim Goodwin Doll For Sale On Ebay

UPDATE:  This one sold for $2025!

Visitors to my website know my love of Kim Goodwin's OOAK Marilyn Monroe dolls.  I have featured a section dedicated to him for many years.

The last time one of his dolls was available for sale on Ebay was in 2002.  Kim is parting with one and it is currently for sale on Ebay.

Here is the link

It is a happy birthday JFK version and she is stunning!  Good luck to those of you bidding!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Marilyn on cover of Newsweek Magazine

What started as an entire issue of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite photographers sharing their their favorite pictures and anecdotes about the iconic actress, turned into a never-before-seen look inside Marilyn’s mind. Through conversations with legendary photographer Lawrence Schiller, we discovered he had a "Lost Scrapbook" in his personal archives that has been locked away for nearly 60 years.
Written in her own hand (in crayon), and filled with her personal photos, The Scrapbook is a love note to a man she had an affair with (Sam Shaw) perhaps while married to Joe Dimaggio and Arthur Miller. It consists of photos of Marilyn that Sam Shaw took glued into a notebook, with hand-written notes on each page in crayon. There are very few never-before-seen Marilyn Monroe moments left in the world and that is what makes this Newsweek Special Issue so special.
“Marilyn Monroe’s Lost Scrapbook” is on sale Thursday, January 9th in Walmart and Barnes & Noble and on newsstands nationwide Tuesday January 14th.