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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kim Goodwin Doll at Auction

UPDATE:  This lot only sold for $312 US.  Someone got a great deal!!

It isn't very often that I see a Kim Goodwin doll for sale.  In fact, since the initial offering on Ebay many years ago I haven't seen one available since.  So I thought I would pass this on since I get lots of requests from people interested in buying one of Kim's dolls.

Part of Lot 2114 at the November 18, 2012 Bonham's auction is a Kim Goodwin Doll.  It is the Vicky Heatwave Doll and is stunning.  The estimate for the lot which also includes, records, calendars, 8mm film, newspapers, etc is $300-$400 US.

Keep in mind that prices at auctions usually exceed the estimates especially when we are talking about Marilyn items.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Calling All Artists: Looking for MarilynGeek artwork


I have had many wonderful fans email me original Marilyn artwork they have created.  This got me to thinking about giving the artists out there a challenge.

I am looking for artwork to use for the new "MarilynGeek" theme.  In particular, I would like to create some cafepress products and graphics for my website.

So if you are an artist who enjoys creating Marilyn artwork show me your best MarilynGeek artwork.

My ONLY requirement is that it must depict Marilyn wearing glasses (not sunglasses).  My inspiration is her character Pola from How to Marry a Millionaire.  I love the photo used above in the blog's header with the title. If someone is able to recreate this look I would be thrilled.  I don't really need you to add any text just the artwork itself.

I will be sure to post all the submissions so everyone can enjoy them even if I don't end up using them all.

If you have a submission email it to me at (ensure the file is at least 2000 pixels at 200dpi but the bigger the better).  By submitting an entry you agree that all intellectual property rights of the artwork transfer to me to be used by my sole discretion.