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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Marilyn Forever Blonde coming to Toronto!

For any Marilyn fans in Toronto - you finally have a chance to see the amazing Sunny Thompson in her one woman show Marilyn Forever Blonde!  It is playing at the Winter Garden Theatre from Feb 11 - Mar 1.

Tickets can be purchased online here

I highly recommend this show.  Here is my review from my trip to see it in Michigan.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Marilyn Highlights from the Juliens Auction

Press Release from Juliens

Beverly Hills, California – (December 6, 2014) – After weeks of anticipation and throngs of media attention, the Lost Archives of Marilyn Monroe and a vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia were auctioned over the weekend at the Icons & Idols: Hollywood auction event held at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. The extremely rare and important collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia was originally given to her mentor and coach Lee Strasberg who later gifted it to a friend, and featured love letters, photographs, personal items, personal records and documents and other memorabilia which were in the possession of Marilyn Monroe herself.

Highlights of the Lost Archives of Marilyn Monroe included a love letter written to Marilyn by Joe DiMaggio after learning of his impending divorce which sold for $78,125, the Marilyn Monroe silk overcoat which she often wore and was photographed in sold for $175,000, the Marilyn Monroe letter written to Arthur Miller sold for $43,750, the Marilyn Monroe black cocktail dress and opera coat sold for $93,750, a Marilyn Monroe owned pendant sold for $34,375, the Earl Moran signed nude painting of Marilyn Monroe sold for $37,500, the legendary film icon’s black beaded necklace sold for $37,500, the Marilyn Monroe owned compact sold for $46,875, Marilyn Monroe’s brassiere sold for $20,000, the icon’s lip brush sold for $10,000, and her rhinestone star hair combs sold for $22,500.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Juliens Auction Dec 6

A pretty special auction is happening at Juliens on December 6, 2014.  While there are usually several Marilyn items included in Juliens entertainment auction.  It has been quite awhile since there have had a auction ONLY featuring Marilyn items.

This one is full of documents and letters from people like Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller and Jane Russell  to Marilyn.  Here is a link to check it out and you can look through the catalogue online.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Marilyn's dress from River of No Return up for Auction

Coming up on Nov 24, 2014 by Bonhams

A Marilyn Monroe saloon gown from River of No Return
Twentieth Century-Fox, 1954. 19th century style saloon gown with a red cotton bodice adorned with large black sequins in a swirling pattern with black sequin trim along the neckline and each of the three shoulder straps, a black satin bustled skirt with matching red cotton trim with black sequins on either side of a high slit, and a yellow silk rose at the hip, bearing a label inscribed in black ink, "1-25-1-4413 A713-06 / M. Monroe"; and a matching pair of red cotton panties with red lace and green ribbon trim, bearing a label inscribed in black ink, "1-25-1-4413 A713-06 / M. Monroe" and a Fox cleaning tag. Monroe wears this dress near the beginning of the film, while singing "One Silver Dollar" on stage in the saloon tent. 

Estimate $400,000 - $600,000

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Video Tour of My Marilyn Monroe Collection

I did an interview for the Wellington County Museum highlighting my items that are currently on display.  I am happy to be able to share this with those of you who are unable to come and see it in person.

MarilynGeek Guide to Niagara

I have visited Niagara Falls many times over the years but I finally got around to concentrating on Marilyn's time there.  I have researched and documentated how Niagara looked then and now.  If you are planning a trip there I hope you find this guide useful to locate the Marilyn locations that are still there.

Here is the link to the Guide...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Postcards from Exhibit available

I have had some requests to mail out the postcards from my Marilyn exhibit. To cover my costs I am asking for $2 shipping to Canada, $3 shipping to USA and $4 international shipping. You can send payment via paypal to and be sure to include your mailing address.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mad about Marilyn on Local News

Was interviewed about my exhibit by CTV news.  Special thanks to Marilyn fan, Bronte, who travelled a distance to come today.

Here is the link to the news clip...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MarilynGeek Book Ambition

I've added a new page to my website dedicated to Marilyn's books.  This time I'm not talking about books about Marilyn but instead books that Marilyn read.

I've decided to try and read as many books from Marilyn's personal library as I can.  This page will document my journey.  I call it MarilynGeek Book Ambition (litte tribute to Madonna with the title LOL).

I've included a gallery of photos of Marilyn reading for inspiration.

Opening Night

I had a fantastic night at the opening of my Marilyn exhibit on September 12.  We had a great turn out for the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".   I love sitting in the back row and watching people's reactions to the film.  It is such a joy to hear people laughing along with Marilyn's comedic genius.

It really was a thrill to meet other Marilyn fans and everyone seemed really appreciative to me for sharing my collection.  To my surprise I got the most questions about my Kim Goodwin doll.  People were really impressed with how he captured Marilyn's likeness.

I figured this was my opportunity to dress the part and look like I could have been back in the 50's.  It was so much fun.  A special thanks to Susan Rice, who did my fantastic pinup hair.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Marilyn Collection on Exhibit from Sept 12 - Jan 11

Do you live in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area? Come and see my collection!

I am really excited to be showcasing my collection at the Wellington County Museum and Archives which is located between Fergus and Elora. Please visit the museum website for hours of operation and directions.PLAN YOUR VISIT

How did this exhibit happen?

Some of you have asked for the backstory to how this exhibit came about. Last year the Museum started an exhibit called "Wellington County Collects" where they invited local residents to share their collections. They have a large display case that is located in the Archives building (next to the Museum) and it features a new collector every 3 months. I contacted them earlier this year to offer my Marilyn dolls for this display.

The museum curator came to my house to view my collection. She took photos of my items (everything not just the dolls) and we firmed up the dates I would be featured. I came home from work the next day and there was a message that the Museum was so impressed they wanted to give me an entire room in the Museum instead of just the display case!! On top of that they were interested in holding an opening night event showing a Marilyn film!

I will also be interviewed for our community TV channel on the opening night so I hope to be able to share this with everyone.

This really is a dream come true for me. Living in a small town in a rural area I've never had an opportunity to share my collection like this before.

What will be happening on opening night September 12?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will be shown at 7pm in the Museum. The doors open at 6pm. It is a 1950's theme evening so I plan on dressing retro and I hope others will too. Snacks will be served and of course popcorn for the movie too.

You can look at the Marilyn exhibit throughout the evening. You will also be able to access the Archives building directly to see the doll display there.

Don't worry if you can't make it opening night - the exhibit will be running until January 11, 2015. If you do visit on another day don't forget to go next door to the Archives building or you will miss out seeing the dolls.
Thanks ever so to everyone that can make it out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dearly Departed Lauren Bacall

Another of Marilyn's co-stars is gone.  Lauren Bacall who starred with Marilyn in How to Marry a Millionaire passed away on Aug 12 at the age of 89.

Moviegoers fell in love with Lauren Bacall about the same time Humphrey Bogart did: during the scene in her first movie, 1944’s To Have and Have Not, when she said, “You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and . . . blow.”

Born Betty Joan Perske in the Bronx to Jewish parents from immigrant families (her Polish-born first cousin was Shimon Peres, future prime minister and president of Israel), Bacall took her mother’s maiden name, Bacal, after her father abandoned the family. She studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York (a classmate was Kirk Douglas, a lifelong friend and a co-star in two movies made 49 years apart, Young Man with a Horn and Diamonds.) She made her stage debut at 18 in George S. Kaufman's Franklin Street, which closed before making it to Broadway, but her real big break came when, during her part-time job as a model, she landed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Nancy “Slim” Hawks (who later became better known as Manhattan socialite Slim Keith) saw the magazine and convinced her husband, A-list movie director Howard Hawks, to bring Bacall to Hollywood for a screen test. Once groomed for stardom by the Hawkses—who gave her the stage name Lauren (though her friends would always call her Betty), added a second “L” to her last name, bought her a new wardrobe, and taught her how to lower her vocal register (creating the famous deep and smoky growl known ever after simply as “The Voice”)—Bacall was ready for the lead role in To Have and Have Not, where her character even took Nancy’s nickname, Slim.

Working with Bogart, 25 years her senior, the 19-year-old was so shy that she was often photographed with her head down, her eyes cast up— but that pose became known as “The Look,” a sultry trademark gesture to go with the equally sultry Voice. The chemistry between the pair was evident, unfolding on-screen as it did in real life. Within three weeks, the stars were having an affair. Seven months after the picture premiered, Bogart split from his third wife (actress Mayo Methot) and married Bacall. Their marriage produced two children and the most productive period of her career, including three more pictures together. There was The Big Sleep, the Raymond Chandler mystery in which society dame Bacall send's Bogie's sleuth Philip Marlowe reeling. There was Dark Passage, an innovative thriller in which the first half of the movie is seen from Bogart's point of view, so that pretty much all you see is Bacall through Bogie's eyes. And there was Key Largo, a sort of rewrite of their first movie, with Bogart and Bacall falling in love while standing up to gangster Edward G. Robinson. And that was all, but those were enough to ensure that Bogart and Bacall topped the all-time list of couples who sizzled on-screen as much as they did in private.

During the 50s, Bacall also proved she could handle romantic comedy, in How to Marry a Millionaire (with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable) and Designing Woman (with Gregory Peck). By then, she and Bogart were such pillars of the industry that they were able to protest against the Hollywood blacklist and the Washington McCarthyism that had prompted it, without suffering any damage to their own careers.

Bogart died of esophageal cancer in 1957, when Bacall was just 32. She was then briefly engaged to Frank Sinatra (until their engagement leaked to the press, leading the singer to dump her over the phone). And she was married to future Oscar winner Jason Robards from 1961 to '69 (they had a son, actor Sam Robards), but they split up over the actor's alcoholism.

Bacall, who had bought an apartment in 1961 in New York’s legendary Dakota building (where she would live for the rest of her life), found a new home on Broadway, winning best-actress Tonys for 1970's Applause (the musical based on All About Eve, with Bacall playing the diva role made famous by her idol and friend Bette Davis) and 1981's Woman of the Year (in a role originated on-screen by another Bacall pal, Katharine Hepburn). She continued to shine on-screen in such films as The Shootist (her last romantic lead, opposite John Wayne, in his last movie), The Fan, Misery, and The Mirror Has Two Faces, where, as Barbra Streisand's imperious mother, she finally earned her first and only Oscar nomination at 72. (The Academy finally gave her an honorary award for lifetime achievement in 2009.)

-Vanity Fair

Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 Marilyn Memorial Service

For the first time ever the annual Memorial Service hosted by the Marilyn Remembered fanclub will be live streamed.  The service begins August 5th at 11:00am PST.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

National Museum of Funeral History

Thanks to Danielle for passing along this information.  The National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas actually has a display about Marilyn.

They have an original funeral card from her service and a genuine marble front from her crypt.  The vase and marker are replicas.

Friday, July 25, 2014

MarilynGeek Sneak Peek - Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller

This limited deluxe edition is meant for the serious collector. A basic version for under $20 is also available on amazon - this features the same text but limited photos. I decided to go for this edition because it is signed by Lawrence Schiller.

The book is very large with a beautiful blue silk jacket and a matching box. The pages are archival quality with many foldouts throughout. Due to the size these are basically large prints which are amazing to look at. Schiller has not released a book based on only his photos before (some were published in Marilyn by Norman Mailer) and this means that many of the photos were new to me.
I enjoyed hearing about his time working with Marilyn first on Let's Make Love and then on Something's Got to Give. Thankfully, he did not claim to have had an intimate relationship with her.

I totally understand that the price of this book is out of reach of most fans - however, if you do have the means I would highly recommend this book for your collection. It is the most beautiful book I have ever seen.

You can purchase the book here directly from Amazon

Here is the video review....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2 Tattoos Added

Thanks to Brittney and Arleiah for sending in photos of their tattoos.  I have added them to the tattoo section here. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marilyn's co-star in the Misfits Eli Wallach has passed away.

Eli Wallach, an early practitioner of method acting who made a lasting impression as the scuzzy bandit Tuco in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, died on Tuesday at the age of 98, the New York Times reported.
Wallach appeared on the big screen well into his 90s in Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer and Oliver Stone's Wall Street sequel and other films.
"It's what I wanted to do all my life," Wallach said of his work in an interview in 2010.
Having grown up the son of Polish Jewish immigrants in an Italian-dominated neighbourhood in New York, Wallach might have seemed an unlikely cowboy, but some of his best work was in Westerns.
Many critics thought his definitive role was Calvera, the flamboyant, sinister bandit chief in The Magnificent Seven. Others preferred him in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as Tuco, who was "the ugly", opposite Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone's classic spaghetti Western.
Years later, Wallach said strangers would recognize him and start whistling the distinctive theme from the film.
Wallach graduated from the University of Texas, where he picked up the horseback-riding skills that would serve him well in later cowboy roles, and studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse Actors Studio before Second World War broke out.

'Quintessential chameleon'

"Wallach is the quintessential chameleon, effortlessly inhabiting a wide range of characters, while putting his inimitable stamp on every role," the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which gave him an honorary Oscar in 2010, wrote in a profile on its website.
After serving as a U.S. Army hospital administrator during the war, he found work on the New York stage and took classes at the Actor's Studio, which used Method acting in which actors draw on personal memories and emotions to flesh out a role.
He appeared in This Property Is Condemned and ended up marrying the show's leading lady, Anne Jackson — a marriage that also led to several stage and screen collaborations.
Wallach made a name on Broadway with roles in two Tennessee Williams' works, Camino Real and The Rose Tattoo, for which he won a Tony in 1951, as well as a two-year run in Mr. Roberts.

Movie career began in 1950s

His first movie was another Williams work, Baby Doll in 1956. Other major films included How the West Was Won, Mystic River, The Holiday, Lord Jim and The Misfits — in which he starred with Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe with John Huston directing an Arthur Miller script — and The Godfather Part 3.
Despite the notable movies, Wallach said it was his portrayal of the villain Mr. Freeze on the Batman television show of the 1960s that generated the most fan mail.
Wallach titled his autobiography The Good, the Bad and Me: In My Anecdotage. He and his wife lived in New York and had three children.
The New York Times said his death had been confirmed by his daughter.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Introducing Mini Marilyn

You may have noticed a super cute character making the rounds on social have been sharing images of Mini Marilyn.  A website appeared at along with facebook and instragram pages.  The darling little doodle has quickly become possible.  When I shared a world cup themed mini marilyn it was quickly the most popular post I've ever had on facebook.  Obviously, whoever created her has knocked it out of the park when it comes to likeability.  
I was hoping a fan was behind the great artwork but today the news broke that it is actually a product created by ABG (the company that owns Marilyn image).  Get ready for Mini Marilyn merchandise to be everywhere.
Here is the news release...
Authentic Brands Group has revealed its newest brand–Mini Marilyn­, a stylized character-based property.
Mini Marilyn is targeted to girls, ages 8 to 16, with playful, age-appropriate styles.
With her trademark blonde hair and red lips, Mini Marilyn is designed to empower girls to be confident, take risks and dream big.
“We are very excited to introduce a new generation to the magic of Marilyn Monroe,” says Nick Woodhouse, president and chief marketing officer, ABG. “Mini Marilyn presents a new and innovative opportunity for our existing and future partners, while giving ABG the chance to grow its portfolio of global brands from the inside out. We look forward to the endless possibilities in store for Mini Marilyn.”
ABG will debut the new brand for the first time at Licensing Expo next week in Las Vegas, Nev. Target categories for the brand include apparel, accessories, tech accessories, toys, mobile apps and virtual goods.
The brand will be supported by a range of digital initiatives including a website, and global Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Marilyn would be 88 years old.  Hope all of you are keeping her in your thoughts today.  I sure am - I just finished unwrapping a new addition to my collection and I can't keep my eyes off her :)

This is a Happy Birthday Mr. President scuplture by Susana Adalid.  She arrived all the way from Spain.  If you were following my facebook page MarilynGeek on Facebook you already saw the big reveal :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

MarilynGeek Sneak Peek - The Complete Last Sitting

Hope you will enjoy a new video dedicated to showcasing the book "The Complete Last Sitting" by Bert Stern.

Here is some additional information about the book seen in this video.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tonner Added to Doll Section

This was long overdue but I finally got around to creating a page in my doll section for the Tonner dolls.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shipboard Wedding by Tonner Dolls

I've been drooling over this doll for awhile and finally took the plunge and picked one up.  The stock photo just does not do her justice.  Totally gorgeous in person.  It is so wonderful that Tonner has been focusing on lesser known outfits like this amazing wedding dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

The details from the jewelry to flowers and right down to the wonderful shoes is spot on.  Of course, the tonner face is still the tonner face and is not the greatest likeness of Marilyn.  I still prefer the Franklin Mint faces.  However, the wedding doll is an improvement over the basic Pola doll that I have.     The face on this one has eyelashes and a different paint job which helps the look of it.

I haven't been able to take my eyes off this doll since I got her - just beautiful to look at.  Highly recommended.

Available from the tonner website.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Marilyn Movie Night at Museum

I have some very exciting news - my Marilyn collection is going to be featured at our local Museum starting in September!  I'll post more details when the dates are confirmed.  Maybe some of you MarilynGeeks who live in Ontario will want to stop by and see it. 

As part of the opening celebration the Museum is thinking of hosting a Marilyn movie night - with the film of my choice.  I've narrowed it down to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or Some Like it Hot.  I am interested to know what you guys think would be the better option.  Which film would have a broader appeal and would draw more people (non-fans and fans alike) to attend?  Please use the below link to vote....

Click here to take survey

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stay in Marilyn's room at Niagara Falls

Ever wanted to stay where Marilyn slept while filming Niagara?  Now you can.  Finally, the Crowne Plaza hotel in Niagara Falls is taking advantage of the fact that Marilyn stayed at their hotel.

I had visited in 2005 and got to see the inside of her room - but there was no sign that she had ever been there.   I thought it was strange that a hotel with such a rich history did nothing to commemorate one of their most famous guests.

Looks like they have now changed this.  The hotel has announced that they have added photos of Marilyn during the filiming of Niagara to the 8th floor of their property.  The room she stayed in is 801 and they have also added a photo of her in the room.  It is a very small room with 2 double beds.  The room was bigger during Marilyn's days but over the years it has been split up an made smaller.  The view from the room has also changed.  It once had a direct view of the US side of the falls but buildings have grown around the property and now block this view.

The hotel will take requests to stay in room 801 and the rates vary from $129 in the off season to $289 during the summer and on some weekends.  The hotel is also planning to offer tours of its historic property.

Marilyn Monroe Neon Sign

What a find!  Browsing some local classified ads and look what I see...this fantastic Marilyn Monroe neon sign.  I ended up driving 4 hours round trip in order to pick it up but it was worth it.  Love it!  It is huge at 5 feet in length.  Now I just need to find a better spot for it than on my coffee table :)

I am not sure where this sign originated.  If anyone has any knowledge of these please let me know.  It is marked with a TM so I believe it was approved by the estate and was perhaps used in a Marilyn Monroe line of merchandise.

UPDATE - thanks to a recent comment I realized I never came back to this post and updated that I did find out where these neon signs came from.  Looks like I only posted about it on MarilynGeek on facebook page.  These were used by MAC cosemtics for there Marilyn Monroe line of cosmetics.   Here is another photo of mine and a photo of a MAC store.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

MarilynGeek Sneak Peek - Marilyn Her Life in Pictures

Hope you enjoy a new video that I made giving you an inside look at the book - Marilyn Her Life in Pictures.

If you are interested in purchasing this book please do so through the following Amazon Link.
Thanks ever so!

New Marilyn Tattoo Added

This one is a beauty!  Thanks to Jodie for sharing her wonderful Marilyn tattoo!  It has been added to the tattoo section here.

New Photo added to Fan in her hands

Thanks to Scott for sending in a photo of his hands in Marilyn's at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  If you have a photo you would like me to add to my website please send it to me at

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kim Goodwin Marilyn in Niagara Doll

UPDATE: This one sold for $936

Here is your last chance to own a Kim Goodwin doll.  The final doll he is listing is now on Ebay here...

This doll features Marilyn as Rose from the film Niagara.  Again, he has really captured Marilyn's likeness.  It is a work of art.

Good luck!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kim Goodwin Little Rock Marilyn Doll

UPDATE:  This one sold for $1525.

Here is your third chance to own a Kim Goodwin doll.  There are only a couple days left on the auction.  There will be one final doll auctioned off after this one.

Here is the Ebay link

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Kim Goodwin doll now on Ebay!

UPDATE:  This one sold for $1275!

Another stunner by Kim Goodwin is now up for auction on Ebay.  I love the background and details put into it.  So cool to see a doll in an outfit that has never been released on any other doll.  

Get your wallets out if you plan to bid the last one went for over $2000!  Wow.

Good Luck!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Marilyn Chair!

Look what I picked up!  It is a really cute chair and ottoman with Marilyn and Audrey all over it.  For those in Canada you can find it at Bad Boy Furniture Stores.  Be warned though it is alot smaller in person then how it looks in photos.  Great for small spaces.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Marilyn Tattoo added

Thanks to Karen for sending in her beautiful tattoo.  It has been added to the website.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kim Goodwin Doll For Sale On Ebay

UPDATE:  This one sold for $2025!

Visitors to my website know my love of Kim Goodwin's OOAK Marilyn Monroe dolls.  I have featured a section dedicated to him for many years.

The last time one of his dolls was available for sale on Ebay was in 2002.  Kim is parting with one and it is currently for sale on Ebay.

Here is the link

It is a happy birthday JFK version and she is stunning!  Good luck to those of you bidding!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Marilyn on cover of Newsweek Magazine

What started as an entire issue of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite photographers sharing their their favorite pictures and anecdotes about the iconic actress, turned into a never-before-seen look inside Marilyn’s mind. Through conversations with legendary photographer Lawrence Schiller, we discovered he had a "Lost Scrapbook" in his personal archives that has been locked away for nearly 60 years.
Written in her own hand (in crayon), and filled with her personal photos, The Scrapbook is a love note to a man she had an affair with (Sam Shaw) perhaps while married to Joe Dimaggio and Arthur Miller. It consists of photos of Marilyn that Sam Shaw took glued into a notebook, with hand-written notes on each page in crayon. There are very few never-before-seen Marilyn Monroe moments left in the world and that is what makes this Newsweek Special Issue so special.
“Marilyn Monroe’s Lost Scrapbook” is on sale Thursday, January 9th in Walmart and Barnes & Noble and on newsstands nationwide Tuesday January 14th.