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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stay in Marilyn's room at Niagara Falls

Ever wanted to stay where Marilyn slept while filming Niagara?  Now you can.  Finally, the Crowne Plaza hotel in Niagara Falls is taking advantage of the fact that Marilyn stayed at their hotel.

I had visited in 2005 and got to see the inside of her room - but there was no sign that she had ever been there.   I thought it was strange that a hotel with such a rich history did nothing to commemorate one of their most famous guests.

Looks like they have now changed this.  The hotel has announced that they have added photos of Marilyn during the filiming of Niagara to the 8th floor of their property.  The room she stayed in is 801 and they have also added a photo of her in the room.  It is a very small room with 2 double beds.  The room was bigger during Marilyn's days but over the years it has been split up an made smaller.  The view from the room has also changed.  It once had a direct view of the US side of the falls but buildings have grown around the property and now block this view.

The hotel will take requests to stay in room 801 and the rates vary from $129 in the off season to $289 during the summer and on some weekends.  The hotel is also planning to offer tours of its historic property.

Marilyn Monroe Neon Sign

What a find!  Browsing some local classified ads and look what I see...this fantastic Marilyn Monroe neon sign.  I ended up driving 4 hours round trip in order to pick it up but it was worth it.  Love it!  It is huge at 5 feet in length.  Now I just need to find a better spot for it than on my coffee table :)

I am not sure where this sign originated.  If anyone has any knowledge of these please let me know.  It is marked with a TM so I believe it was approved by the estate and was perhaps used in a Marilyn Monroe line of merchandise.

UPDATE - thanks to a recent comment I realized I never came back to this post and updated that I did find out where these neon signs came from.  Looks like I only posted about it on MarilynGeek on facebook page.  These were used by MAC cosemtics for there Marilyn Monroe line of cosmetics.   Here is another photo of mine and a photo of a MAC store.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

MarilynGeek Sneak Peek - Marilyn Her Life in Pictures

Hope you enjoy a new video that I made giving you an inside look at the book - Marilyn Her Life in Pictures.

If you are interested in purchasing this book please do so through the following Amazon Link.
Thanks ever so!

New Marilyn Tattoo Added

This one is a beauty!  Thanks to Jodie for sharing her wonderful Marilyn tattoo!  It has been added to the tattoo section here.

New Photo added to Fan in her hands

Thanks to Scott for sending in a photo of his hands in Marilyn's at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  If you have a photo you would like me to add to my website please send it to me at