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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Franklin Mint Dresses available separately

Finally!  I have always wanted the Franklin Mint to start making the Marilyn fashions available to purchase on their own.  Instead of having to buy a new doll each time I would prefer to just get the dress.  You can store the extra dresses in the trunk when not being worn by your doll.  They had released the early dresses years ago but nothing since.....until now!

I noticed today that both the Korea dress and Starlet Red gown are available from the Franklin Mint.  You can even purchase the microphone separately now!  Click on the images below to order from the US Franklin Mint.  Unfortunately, they don't ship outside the US.   If you live in canada you can order by going to Franklin Mint Canada.  Otherwise, I am sure they will end up on Ebay soon.

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