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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Marilyn Podcast Episode #53

In this episode of my podcast dedicated to Marilyn Monroe:
-winner of Marilyn Monroe treasures announced
-Forever Blonde in Winnipeg
-Warhold Factory in Kitchener
-Marilyn Pucci exhibit in Philly
-Marilyn and Joe in Japan
-Win your own Niagara dress

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  1. Love the picture Melinda!

    It's the strangest thing.. I come from a very small seaside town in Scotland in the UK and I don't know anybody who lives here that is as obsessed with Marilyn as I am.. except one lady, who I swear is the double of you! It's uncanny.

    I was wondering... I've tried calling the comment line several times now over the years, but it never works for me (maybe it's the area I stay in... I dunno) It gets me really upset as I'd love to participate more in the podcast. Have you ever thought about a "letters" section? where people could email you questions and comments to read out on the show? that way, people like me who, for whatever reason, can't use the comment line could still be a part of the show?

    Thanks for your time,
    Lorraine xxx

  2. hi melinda!
    i love your website..
    stay in touch?

  3. Lorraine, I have answered emails in the past on the show and I will continue to do so. I just think people may enjoy hearing other people's voices now and then :) Not sure why the comment line doesn't work for you. Do you happen to have a microphone on your computer? I can also accept recordings people make on their computers. It is just a matter of recording it and then emailing it to me. This way there is no long distance chargers either. If you are not able to make just an audio recording I can also pull the audio from a video if that is easier to make.

  4. Hey Melinda, my apologies, you're right, you do read out mails, I guess I was just more thinking along the lines of an actual "letters section". I should know this.. I've been listening to the show for long enough hehe.

    Whenever I dial it just says "number not recognised".

    I'm afraid I've no microphone for my computer, but a video is a great idea, I'll get working on that right away :)

    Lorraine xxx