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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Marilyn Shrine 2009

I have updated the "Shrine" section of my website here.  Things sure have changed.  Hope you guys enjoy it.  Feel free to leave comments below.



  1. I just looked at all the pictures of the shine and it is AMAZING! It really puts mine to shame haha:)
    Also, where did you put your Marilyn Merlot? :)

  2. Thanks Morgan. Glad you liked the photos.

    I'm sad to say all the wine is in storage and not on display. I just don't have a place for it. I've even got 10 Marilyn merlot posters. Would look awesome displayed with the wine. Maybe someday.

  3. Wow, I seen some of the posters of Norma Jeane for the Young Merlot and they looked stunning :)
    Also, do you how I could get the Maid In Baltimore or an oringal New Wrinkle/ Golden Dreams? Did you get all the claendars off eBay?

  4. Hi Morgan,

    The merlot posters are very cool. I like them very much.

    I bought all of my calendars off of Ebay. They don't come up that often but once in a while you can get lucky and find one. A tip for the Maid in Baltimore calendars, sellers sometimes do not know that it is Marilyn on the calendar. So when you do a search look for "moran calendar".

  5. Melinda, you certainly have kept up. I think the posters are the most valuable as they are almost unobtainable. Even the winery only has a few MM posters. I have 18 posters altogether, including some Norma Jeanes, and two of the Red collection, the oldest being the 1992 MM but cannot find anything before then. Google "marilyn merlot posters" and you get nothing. So hang onto yours.

    Best regards,

    Bill Reno