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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Handwritten thank you from Marilyn Monroe

I was recently contacted by Paul Poplawski who has an incredible Marilyn keepsake coming up for auction.  On August 1, 1957 Marilyn suffered a miscarriage during her marriage to Arthur Miller.  Paul's father sent Marilyn a get well card and she replied with a handwritten thank you card.  It is hard to believe that Marilyn was able to reply to fan mail at a time like this.  Especially knowing her intense desire to have a child.  This card was postmarked August 14.  Just ten days she lost her child.  It is just incredible.

Marilyn Monroe Signed Handwritten Note. This 4" x 3" personalized folded card is embossed "Mrs. Arthur Miller" on the front and bears a handwritten note and Monroe's signature in blue ballpoint ink on the interior. The message reads: "Dear Mr. Poplawski, Thank you so much for your kind note. Yours and all the other good wishes were a great comfort to me." A great example of a highly sought after autograph, made particularly appealing by the fact that it is signed by the actress as "Marilyn Monroe Miller". The note is accompanied by the original mailing envelope, with the recipient's name and address handwritten on the front by Monroe.

This item will be auctioned off by Heritage Auction Galleries on November 7, 2009.




  1. Melinda you probably are a greater expert on this than me but to me that looks like a secretarial autograph, her "Ms" are distinctly loopy and that doesn't look like it to me.

  2. I once bought an expensive Marilyn autograph, which turned out to be a fake. Thanks to the internet, I have spent a fair amount of time looking at her signature and handwriting. This is genuine Jessica, her signature did change over the years, It became a little scruffier and the letters l and y in Marilyn became more like a figure 8. Frasers autographs usually have a good selection of her signature on their website.

  3. Wow, that's amazing. Its one of my dreams to have something like that.

    Marilyn was an amazing woman. At a time like that, she took the time to write a fan a letter. Amazing.

  4. Marilyn never had a miscarriage till December 17th 1958, the first listed miscarriage was August 1st 1957, it may have been recorded as a miscarriage, but was actually a birth on March 27th 1957 and the baby was premature but no one knows how many months the baby boy was premature , because everything was hand-written by most hospitals during those years and most of those records are now unattainable and it was noted that indeed a baby boy had been born on that day. Were that baby boy is, is anybody's guess, it is whispered about amongst some of her cherished friends that she had been seen with baby boy offset and also traveled to europe and back in california near the bay area/ San Francisco bay. It is believed that she wanted to keep this a secret from many people because she thought it might ruin her career, and she was known for being very protective of her personal getaways for which no one could account why she stepped out of the limelight for many months after this supposed miscarriage. She had a baby boy whom she keep secret most likely because of the press, the possible affair, or merely because she wanted to make sure this child had a normal life, apart from all the troubles of hollywood. Personally I think she was much smarter than people gave her credit for period. So whereever this baby boy is today I say don't come forward...and let the world and the media chew you up like they did to you're mother. And the reason I know this, is because I know the nurse who was there when the so-called miscarriage took place, and without a doubt I can tell you a baby boy was carried out of the hospital by none other than Marilyn Monroe herself right out the back door. So stay silence baby boy whereever you are, because if you ever have a DNA test done...the world will never leave you alone for one second. As for the card mentioned in the photo, I can only say mother did have a very distinctive scrawl when she would write in her journal. MMM