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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rare Marilyn Footage - For Sale on Ebay

UPDATE:  Looks like Keya Morgan is selling the copyright to this footage on is a link to the AUCTION

ANOTHER UPDATE:  This auction ended Dec 14 with 32  bids for $58,100.  However, it doesn't seem possible to look up the auction now as you get the message "This listing (190355289852) has been removed, or this item is not available."

I received this email a few weeks ago from someone who claimed they had some previously unseen Marilyn footage...

"Hi there! I was told that you hold one of the largest collections of Marilyn Monroe. I recently came across unseen footage of Marilyn Monroe from a family friend while cleaning out her garage. Apparently, she was best friend with the Karger's and has spent the night with Marilyn with her friends the night prior to her death. This footage, however is from New Jersey in 1954- while she was visiting with her friends while filming in NY. The tape shows her smokingeither a joint or a cigarette( its a big one =) , drinking, laughing, sniffing her armpits and kissing at the camera- it is only a minute long- but such a gem. We are just asking collectors if they are, or know anyone who is interested in the tape. The woman who owns it would like to sell the rights outright because she is in her 70's now and doesn't want to deal with it anymore. If you are interested, I am located in Los Angeles."

I didn't really think much of it as I do get emails from people who think they have some rare photo or something of Marilyn (most of the time nude) and it never turns out to be her.  Well, I guess this one was the real deal.  It showed up on youtube today.  It was purchased by Keya Morgan for $275,000.  You may remember this jerk from the "Marilyn Sex Tape" rumors from a few years ago.  No surprise that it is hitting the internet and saying that Marilyn is smoking pot.  Doesn't look like it to me.  Regardless, it is gorgeous footage.


  1. beautiful footage! But it does not look like a joint to me.

  2. I agree, had I not read the story it would never have entered my head that is was possibly a joint. I am dubious about that claim, but I enjoyed the footage.

  3. This Keya Morgan guy is once again making the news circuit with BS claims about Marilyn. Last time it was the supposed sex tape that never materialized and now he is stating it is pot. Of course, all the news agencies is picking up this story.

    "The reason we know for a fact it's marijuana is the lady who shot it, she's still alive," Morgan told AFP. "She rolled up the joint and handed it to Marilyn".

    PLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEE. The original email to me didn't state it was absolutely pot. Funny how that has now changed once Morgan got ahold of it. I'm sure the story changed all because of the fact that Marilyn smoking pot is going to be a bigger story and get them more $$$. Not that I would care if it was pot but you know how these things get twisted and it will end up adding to the image that Marilyn was a druggie.

  4. she is not smoking pot. that's a cigarette. why would anyone think that's pot? from the way she's holding it, to the way she takes a drag off of it, and no one ever has, unless you were bob marley, makes a joint that thick. so it's definitely not a joint. Morgan is an idiot and not to be trusted!

  5. Keya Morgan is a jackass! Would be a good idea use his money to take classes to learn to respect those who can no longer defend. Come on! let Marilyn rest in peace.

  6. almost all celeberties smoked pot here and there thats not a big deal and shes pretty sooo i dont care:)have a good day haha

  7. If that's a joint, it's an awful big doobie! Looks more like a regular cigarette to me. Anyway, it's neat to Marilyn in such a relaxed and happy state of mind.

    BTW, Melinda, your website is awesome. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks Mark. I'm glad you enjoy the site!

  9. In addition to cancelling the auction, eBay cancelled Mr. Morgan's eBay account:

    and the bidding history shows that they also cancelled the high bidders account:

    The only reason I can think of that they would do something like this is if he tried to bid on his own auction with another eBay account, trying to raise the high bid. What a scam.

  10. Wow Laura. Thanks for posting this information. I agree that is usually what bans like that mean. Was it all for the publicity?

  11. 100% true, and if it was a joint and she is smoking one, she would pass it thru to her friends. That what you do when you smoke pot with others.

  12. Keya Morgan is a man who really wants to DESTROY the beauty we call Marilyn Monroe. He is a money hungry egotistical man who for some reason thinks he has a new theory on how she died. Keya Morgan, she was murdered. We get it. Let it rest. Government agents we know. Nothing new. Bobby Kennedy not new. Sam Giancana so what?? Let her rest. You pig.

  13. Sergio Serrano I love you. I watched your tribute of Marilyn Monroe's funeral and it was the most touching prolific moments in my life I have seen. I too believe this Keya Morgan is a jackass and is getting way too much of our time. Thank you for your beautiful video. #marilynettes

  14. I was so relieved to find someone else who sees through this Keya Morgan web of bs lies he's been pulling since 2008 (mabye earlier).

    First let me address this "smoking pot" allegation. It is plainly obvious it is a cigarette. I've never seen a "marijuana joint" with a filter and rolled so perfectly to look just as this does, a cigarette. However the truth would never of gotten Morgan the sick publicity he did as making the claim it was "Marijuanna"! It is just another of Keya Morgans attempt to use Marilyn to gain some sort of notarity for himself. Let us not forget his "Sex Tape" hoax he also did. Morgan claims he sold this tape to an "Anonymous buyer" for something like 1million$ and this "buyer" is just going to "lock the tape away to protect Marilyns image". Yet it is Morgan himself starting these nasty lies about Marilyn. Ya he must really care about Marilyn's image. What I want to know is where is the PROOF?????
    The only paper Morgan shows in the news clip about the sex tape is a supposed FBI document that could of easily been faked by any old type writter. Where is the contact by this "anonymous buyer" that proves the sale took place, that proves the buyer will never release it to the public? Are we just to believe this Morgan cause he says so? I want to see proof not just the "word" of an opportunist who has used Marilyn now on two publicity stunts.

  15. Marilyn will never be able to rest with sickos like Keya Morgan looking to bank off her.

  16. I could not agree with you more Melinda! Keya Morgan has pulled publicity stunt after stunt all while using Marilyn to do so. He makes me sick! Here is some information about this guy true Marilyn Fans need to be aware of:

    Keya Morgan is just another example of someone attempting to use Marilyn to gain himself some sort of sick publicity. He bullies anyone that stands up to his claims through threatening emails and legal threats (without justification=freedom of speech seems to only apply to Morgan in his tiny mind)

    Lets look at Keya Morgans own words and realize how full of it he is:
    (this is the site I got these "facts"/claims from:

    *"Was on CNN at the age of 11 as a "child business genius" who started his business at an abnormally young age."
    There is no proof of this claim as usual. What was this "business" and what 11 year old does business? Seriously your telling me with all the other videos that Morgan loves to post to YouTube (he actually does these post himself, that alone shows his desperation for frame) if he was on the news at age 11 and could prove he was a "prodigy" would he not? Of course he would!

    *"Keya first developed a deep and abiding interest in Marilyn Monroe during the mid-1990s, thanks partly to his friendship with her third husband Arthur Miller" This is false he never had any form of even a working relationship with Miller let alone a friendship. If he did again wheres the proof? Where a picture of him and Miller together? He has pictures of anyone famous posed with him he possibly can (even paris hilton, gag) There is not one, because it is another lie. I also find it very intersting how there is not one picturee of him and Micheal Jackson since Morgan claims they were "such close friends/he was a client"?

    *"Learned Method acting from Irma Sandrey at Lee Strasberg Institute."
    Yet the Strasberg Institute and they have no record of him ever attending and Irma Sandrey confirms he has no recollection of such a name, so either he is very forgettable or never was one of his students.

    *"Lived in the apartment of Macaulay Culkin where he was neighbors with Angelina Jolie."
    Oh my wow this only confirms what many have stated about Morgan he is only a "name dropper" who loves to seem important. This just a example into how he uses even his apartment building as some sort of "path to the stars"

    *"Survivor of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City"
    This is one of the sickest lies he has stated. Morgans name is not on the official list of 9-11 Survivors.

    Morgan claims to be "Is a Marilyn Monroe expert" but he thinks this because he bought a large amount of her personal items at an auction. I guess now a days if you have enough money you can make yourself an "expert" about anyone who is past away and can not dispute your claims.

    I follow Morgan on twitter he make so many claims but shows no proof. My favorite was when he tweeted "As a voting member of the Grammy Awards I have two tickets I am going to contact the home office to see if I can give them away on here."
    No tickets were ever given away. He tweeted he was at the Grammy's but with no picture. Now are we to believe someone who is NOT a famous star would not be taking pictures of themselves at the Grammy's? We know how Morgan loves publicity if he could of taken a picture he would of. There are pictures of him at the 2009 Grammy Parties but that's it. Hum another lie, that's for you to decide

  17. everything Keya Morgan does is for notoriety and publicity. Its pathetic!