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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Vegas Wedding Video

After some debate, I decided to post our wedding video.  Who knows, maybe we'll become a youtube sensation :)  It is definitely not something you see everyday.  Thanks again, to my beautiful bridesmaid, Susan Griffiths and maid of honour, Suzie Kennedy for being part of our wedding.  You may also recognize the gentlemen sitting in the last row as we come down the aisle.  It is Kim Goodwin, known on my website as the amazing creator of customized Marilyn Monroe dolls.  His role that day was to do Susan's makeup and rush her to the ceremony for me.  Thanks Kim!  Loved having you there.

I have also added a link to the Marilyn Trips section of the website with some of my favourite photos from the big day.  Here is a direct LINK.


  1. Oh Melinda!
    What a beautiful ceremony. I could hardly get through It without crying. I felt I was there with you. I like your head piece. It reminds me of GPB "Little Rock" number head piece. I lost It when you came down the aisle!

  2. Even though you live all the way in Canada.. and I live all the way over here in Scotland, I can just see SO much love between the 2 of you, you both ooze happiness!
    All the best for the future to you Melinda and your new hubby Duane!

  3. Hi Mmelinda ;)
    You looked beautiful on your special day! Thank you for sharing photos. I have been a fan of your site for many years, all the love and passion you put into keeping our Marilyn's light bright is a gift to us all who love her. The photos of your magical day are so lovely. Congrats and may the smile on your face be a permanent one. Mwah!

  4. Oh, what a wonderful video! You look so beautiful. Wonderful that you made Marilyn a part of your special day. :)

    Btw, I was searching for some Marilyn videos and I came across this one: Can you please confirm if this is in fact the real audio of the eulogy?

  5. Thanks Dotty :)

    Yes, that is the actual audio from Marilyn's eulogy.