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Friday, December 3, 2010

Flowers for Marilyn

I am a big fan of the group that runs Immortal Marilyn and I wanted to pass along this information about a great thing they do for fans and Marilyn every year.

These folks make sure that Marilyn has a beautiful bouquet of flowers at her crypt from her fans on special occasions.  Not only are the flowers gorgeous but if you donate you can send along your message to Marilyn.  They put them all on a card that is delivered to the crypt.  You can look at photos of the flowers from over the years at

If you would like to participate here are all the details from my friend Mary Sims of Immortal Marilyn...

Subject: Holiday Flowers for Marilyn and Gift for Animal Haven
Hi Everyone,
Happy Holidays!
It is that time of year again with the holidays upon us. As always, Immortal Marilyn will be holding our annual Christmas fund raiser. A beautiful holiday arrangement will be placed at Marilyn's crypt from her fans, along with a card by our lovely Carla Orlandi-Smith.
We will set aside $175.00 for this, and anything above and beyond that raised will be donated to Animal Haven of NYC in Marilyn's honor.
So far in 2010 we have raised for Animal Haven, $616.00. That's already exceeded the $405.00 raised in 2009 by more than $200! A huge thank you to all who contributed! Let's see how much more we can make that total with the last fund raiser of the year!

Immortal Marilyn's PayPal ID is if you want to donate that route. If you wish to donate via snail mail, email me at for the address.
Along with your donation you can include a short sentiment to be included with your name on the Christmas card if you wish.

Also check out Animal Haven to have a look at IM's favorite charity, a wonderful highly rated no-kill shelter located in New York, the city Marilyn loved so. Donations are given four times a year, Valentine's Day, June 1 (Marilyn's birthday), August 5th (the anniversary of Marilyn's passing), and December, for the Holidays.


  1. Ahhh.. I hope I've donated to the right place? I just clicked on the "donate here" button on the IM Homepage and paid through PayPal, but forgot to include a message, so I sent an email to the email address that was used for the donation, but it came back as a "failure to send e-mail to this address?" But the money has been sent properly? I hope it'll be ok..

    I've donated for the past couple of years and I think it's wonderful that Marilyn fans would take the time to do this. It's just amazing to think that my message will be on a Christmas card for Marilyn right next to her crypt, when I'm thousands of miles away in a small seaside town.. it's pretty cool :)

  2. I'm sure it is fine but I'd send Mary an email at just to confirm.