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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Signed Quantum Leap Script "Goodbye Norma Jean"

A couple months ago I purchased a script from the television series Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.  It is for the episode called "Goodbye Norma Jean" which aired March 2, 1993.  I was a big fan of the series when it aired and LOVED the episode featuring Sam Beckett leaping into the body of Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur.  The actress portraying Marilyn in the show was none other than the fabulous Susan Griffiths.

Some of you may recall that Susan was a bridesmaid for my wedding, so when I saw the script I had to have it.  I bought it with the intention of bringing it to LA for the memorial in August and having Susan sign it.

Once the script came I started joking around with how I would track down Scott Bakula in LA to have him sign it.  It was just a silly fantasy as I live in a small town in Canada so would never have the opportunity to bump into him.

Well turns out I was wrong!  I found out a couple days ago that Dean Stockwell was going to attend a Comic Con event in Toronto.  I thought to myself well isn't that timing maybe I should bring my script for him to sign.  So I jumped on the event's website and almost fell off my chair.....Scott Bakula was also attending!!!  OMG!

So this morning I headed off to Toronto and I have returned with a script signed by both Scott and Dean.  I still can't believe it!  Scott was a sweetheart and shook my hand and seemed genuinely excited meeting all the fans.  He was surprised to see the script I brought.  I told him that I knew Susan and he wanted to know why she hadn't signed it.   I explained I would be seeing her in a few months :)   Here are some photos....


  1. Well done hon....what an achievement!!

  2. Hi. This is an awesome Quantum Leap script. Just curious if you have any interest in selling it?