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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rare Marilyn Outfits from Tonner Dolls

#MarilynMonroe - I was not that excited when I first posted about the new line of Tonner Dolls.  Mainly because I have seen all of those outfits on dolls before. In fact I have dolls wearing them right now.  I want to see something I don't have.  After all, I can only have so many dolls wearing the pink diamonds outfit ( I have 3 now).

The Fall Marilyn collection by Tonner has been released and is availble for pre-sale.  I am happy to report that they have some original outfits that have not appeared on other Marilyn dolls.

Two versions of the doll will be available; Diamonds or Pola outfit.  Each have different hair styling.

Once you have a doll you can purchase additional outfits for her!  This is where things get interesting.  A couple of these have never appeared on another Marilyn doll.

If you are interested in the new Marilyn Tonner dolls and outfits I recommend My Favourite Doll.  If you put "referred by" in the comments section during checkout they will take 10% off your purchase.


  1. These are fantastic! I am a big Marilyn fan. So much so, my husband had impersonators in Perth send me a singing Marilyn telegram for my birthday (I loved it!). I think I am going to hint to him that these would be the perfect gifts for Christmas. Thanks for the discount code. That should help sway him.

  2. You are welcome. Hopefully your husband will take the hint. While I'm not in love with the face of this doll the outfits are great looking. I hope to add some to my collection.

  3. i love the niagara outfit, if only it was big enough to sqeeze a franklin mint doll into >.<

  4. Totally agree with you!! The Niagara dress is what I am the most excited about. It is finally an outfit that I don't have. I wish the clothes would have been interchangeable with Franklin Mint. I would much prefer just adding outfits to my FM trunk then buying more dolls. Also, I'm not loving the face on these dolls. I liked the previous big Diamonds and the smaller Animal Magnestism tonner releases. This face is changed from the Animal doll even though they are both 16 inch.

  5. niagara being my favorite MM movie i would have DIED had fm released one. oh well :(. when i first saw the tonner doll i thnough 'why have they put marilyns outfit on a britney spears doll? O.o'

  6. LOL! Yes it does look a little like Britney.

  7. judyfan September 22,2012
    Hi.Yes,I agree.I do have the convention Animal M.Doll.Which ,I think, is stunning.Beautiful outfit and the face iconic has sensuality and the innocence which made Marilyn so special.I do not know what happened with the new dolls face they lack all of that.No charisma and does not really look like Marilyn,more like a imitation/impersonator.Tonner has made such a wonderful line of other Hollywood greats.