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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kim Goodwin Doll at Auction

UPDATE:  This lot only sold for $312 US.  Someone got a great deal!!

It isn't very often that I see a Kim Goodwin doll for sale.  In fact, since the initial offering on Ebay many years ago I haven't seen one available since.  So I thought I would pass this on since I get lots of requests from people interested in buying one of Kim's dolls.

Part of Lot 2114 at the November 18, 2012 Bonham's auction is a Kim Goodwin Doll.  It is the Vicky Heatwave Doll and is stunning.  The estimate for the lot which also includes, records, calendars, 8mm film, newspapers, etc is $300-$400 US.

Keep in mind that prices at auctions usually exceed the estimates especially when we are talking about Marilyn items.

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