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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Heatwave Tonner Marilyn Doll

Tonner Dolls has released yet another Marilyn doll.  This one is a web exclusive and is limited to only 150 dolls.  It is based on Marilyn singing "Heatwave" from There's No Business Like Show Business.

The details of this outfit look amazing!  They really seemed to spend the time getting it right.  I am thrilled that they are continuing to release ORIGINAL Marilyn outfits that have not appeared on other dolls before.

The fun of the Tonner dolls will be the ability to pose her - especially in this outfit.  Let's hope they keep them coming!

What other outfits would you like to see Tonner Release?  I'd like to see a "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" doll.

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