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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Julien's Auctions - Anna Nicole Smith & Marilyn Monroe

Each year in June, an auction is held that contains amazing Marilyn Monroe items.  I purchased my Marilyn Monroe hat from Julien's.  The current auction is taking place in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood on June 26 and 27.  I'm disappointed that I'll be missing the public exhibit of the items by just a few days, as I'll be in Vegas for my wedding.

You can browse the entire catalogue online at

Lots of Marilyn items including those from the estate of Dr. Ralph Greenson.  Items include;  Funeral program and chest ex-ray (which I already posted about HERE).

There is a whole section on Anna Nicole Smith's items.  I was amazed to see all of the Marilyn items she had.  There are even pieces of furniture she had custom made with portraits of Marilyn.  It is apparent that she was a true fan.



  1. I think it's very sad that so much of MM's items are being auctioned/sold to the public; esp. those items of clothing she wore in her movies!! These items belong in a museum, where everyone can see & enjoy them, and not in the hands of private owners!!! A few years ago some of her own personal scripts were sold to someone; again, a CRIME as this type of thing should be enjoyed/seen, as I've stated, by the very least, these scripts, with notes in her own handwriting, should have been published...oh well, I'm just one guy...but isnt there anyone else out there who agrees with me?????

  2. I agree wholeheartidly, there should be a Marilyn museum somewhere instead of all her gowns and personal property scattered all over the world. Could you imagine THE White dress, the Diamonds dress, Happy Birthday Mr President dress etc ALL in the one room? Heaven. I know that these items were sold off to make money, but I genuinely believe that the public would love a Marilyn Monroe museum, she was a modern day Goddess, there would always be people willing to pay good money to see these iconic items and they would make their millions of dollars that way.
    And yes, I found it really interesting how many Marilyn items Anna had, I actually really liked her, you could tell she genuinely had a passion for Marilyn.

  3. Lorraine, you are so right!!! How GREAT it'd be to be able to go somewhere to see all of those great costumes of MM's in one place!!! (sigh) alas, it will never happen now!! Too bad Anna Strasberg, who manages her estate, didn't do more along these lines; methinks AS is a little 'money hungry', no? Oh well, who am I to judge???!!

  4. I also agree but... The Seven year Itch dress has never been found or the pink gown from GPB. I think the "Itch" dress was a cream color but read white when filmed. Oh how nice those dresses would be too see in person. I saw Diana's dresses and that was very, ugh creepy, Almost like going to a wake. The room was dark and they were all in these cases lit up. I would imagine that's how a display of MM's clothes would be. we enjoyed It though.