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Monday, May 17, 2010

Marilyn Party in NYC

I received this email and thought I'd pass it on.

"As we are sure you know, Marilyn's birthday is coming up on June 1st, but what you may not know, is that there is a huge group birthday bash being planned in New York City for Friday June 4th, 2010.

We are inviting all her fans to come dressed as Marilyn and meet at Madison Square Park for music, entertainment and other Marilyn related activites.  We are trying to get New York to stop and stare at the sight of this many Marilyns in one place honoring the legend as she deserves to be honored.

Here's to Marilyn turning 84 and being just as fabulous as ever! "

UPDATE : I have added some photos that maryellen sent along (Thanks!)


  1. Does anyone have pictures of this event? i would love to see them

  2. Hi Mandy, Melinda and all you Marilyn fans!

    I have a lot of pics of the NYC event Marilyn's Birthday - I was there - it was fun!

    I can't see a way to upload them here on Melinda's site but I did upload some on the facebook page for the event above. I think the page is still up. I'd be glad to email them to you if you email me. I actually have more pics than I uploaded on that page. Is my email address showing on this comment? We'll see when I submit it.
    Check the facebook page: