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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remembering Marilyn

I hope everyone is sending Marilyn special thoughts and prayers today.  48 years ago we lost her.  Luckily, because of all the wonderful fans in the world, her memory lives on.

Here is a beautiful video that Sergio has created in honour of today.


  1. I think that, at Marilyn's memorial, that is the moment she became real to the crowd they finally understood that she was just like everybody else. Marilyn became human, and this was not the blonde movie-star; she was everybody's sister, daughter, wife, friend. JMO.

    Some of those photos were astounding. A few I'd never seen before. That video was so sad though.


  2. Like your video. It's tastefully done.

  3. Wonderful video, very moving.

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but to me, Marilyn is very much still alive, so I never like to focus too much on her death because it reminds me she's been gone from us far too long. What amazes me, is that when I was born, she had already been dead for 22 years... 22 years. And yet, here we are, 48 years later and she's still just as loved and as popular as she was when she was alive. Now that's a true testiment to her everlasting appeal and popularity.

  4. Nice video. Norma Jean was lovely person and will never be fogotten.

  5. Great Video. RIP Marilyn Monroe.

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