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Monday, September 5, 2011

Holly Madison modeling Marilyn's necklace and jacket

UPDATED:  Thank you to a couple of fans who pointed out that Holly looks to be modeling Marilyn's jacket from Prince and the Showgirl and her Ceil Chapman dress in this photo.  I updated the photo that was originally posted on this blog with one that shows more of the jacket and dress.  The question was raised is she actually wearing Marilyn's necklace too?  I thought it was a good possibility since the necklace does look like it is missing some stones.   So I looked back at the Juliens auction where the necklace was sold in 2009.  Sure enough the jacket and dress was also for sale in that auction and the auction was held at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.  So obviously this photo shows Holly (who's Vegas show is at Planet Hollywood) modeling the items that were being sold at auction!  Lucky girl!!

I was looking through Holly's new book The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas when I noticed a photo I thought I'd share.

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful necklace she is wearing.  Since Holly is such a big fan of Marilyn I am sure it is no coincidence that it looks exactly like the famous necklace Marilyn wore in the Sam Shaw photos.

I am actually a fan of Holly.  I think she is gorgeous and seems like a genuine person.  Of course, being a Marilyn fan doesn't hurt her either :)  I had the chance to see her Vegas show "Peepshow".  Highly recommended if you are looking for some adult entertainment.

Here are some more photos of Holly where she was inspired by Marilyn.

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