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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Virtual Marilyn Selling Dior

So it looks like Marilyn has given up her Chanel No. 5, at least according to Christian Dior.  Thanks to the wonders of CGI Marilyn makes an appearance in the new Dior commerical for J'adore perfume.  Charlize Theron stars as a model late for her runway appearance.  She is seen backstage walking past the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and finally Marilyn.  There is something just a little off about the virtual Marilyn in my opinion.  I know the company who now owns the rights to Marilyn's image (Authentic Brand Group) had already announced they had plans to bring Marilyn to life through CGI.  I imagine this was what they were referring to.  The positive thing is that the ad is high-end and certainly nothing out of character for Marilyn - I mean she did like perfume after all.  Let's hope they keep future Marilyn projects classy and respectful too.


  1. Is it a virtual MM? I didn't know. The first scenes we see of her it looks very much like her (too thin though), but the shot where she lifts the perfume bottle, the eyes are completely off, they hang to low. Are you sure it's not a model?
    Great clip though!!

  2. Yes, she is definitely CGI. All of the news agencies are reporting that the hollywood icons who appear in the ad are not real.

  3. The CGI Grace Kelly is convincing, but the Marilyn and Marlene both look poor.

  4. Digicon Media owns the right to the Virtual Marilyn Monroe and a demand letter has been sent to Dior.