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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marilyn MAC Cosmetics Sold Out Online

UPDATED:  The 2 items I purchased online Sept 27 arrived today.  The packaging is absolutely gorgeous.  When you open the boxes there is a red lip print on the inside of the lid.  Just real cool touches.  I went ahead and ordered a couple more items online from Ebay.  I'm really in love with how they look.

The much anticipated line of Marilyn Monroe cosmetics by MAC were released online today.  The MAC website features some beautiful photos of Marilyn from the black sitting.  The makeup designs also feature these photos.

I was really looking forward to picking up some of the items.  I don't have any MAC stores near me so I was planning to order them online.

I know the collection was advertised as limited edition but wow I was not expecting everything to sell out online the first day.

I went online during my lunch and found only a couple items still in stock.  I purchased an eyeshadow (the only colour that was left - silver) and a dazzleglass (as all the lipsticks were gone).

For those of you lucky enough to have access to a MAC store get ready for October 4th when the collection is set to be released in stores.

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