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Monday, May 18, 2009

Juliens Auction of Marilyn Monroe items - Sam Shaw Necklace

session3The 2009 Juliens Summer Entertainment sale (June 26 & 27) has once again put Marilyn Monroe on the cover of the catalogue....for good reason.  Over 150 items once belonging to Marilyn are up for grabs.  Many items originated from the 1999 Christies auction run by her estate.  My favourites include furniture from her brentwood home and the necklace that she wore in some Sam Shaw photos.

In fact, the shaw necklace has always held a special place for me because I bid on it when it was first auctioned off at Christies in 1999.   I'm sure I was like other fans out there who looked through that catalogue and thought they had found a secret treasure.  The necklace was part of a bigger lot of necklaces with no photo of her wearing it.  Needless to say, lots of people recognized it and the bidding went way, way over my budget. Imagine my disappointment when I looked at this lot in Juliens sale and see that the necklace is in very bad shape.  What a shame.  I certainly would have treasured this piece. Some of you may remember that I was successful in getting a hat at last year's auction. Unfortunately, this year I am in the midst of a move so I will be unable to bid on anything.  If the necklace had been in better shape I definitely would have been tempted.

The auction catalogue is now available to be viewed online HERE the Marilyn items start on page 86-87.



  1. LOVED looking through that... wish I could afford something... hahah. thanks for posting!

  2. i'm not very good at speaking English,becouse i'm italian but i want to say Only one thing...Marilyn was a great! i will always love she!!!

  3. i'm not very good at speaking english,because i'm italian but i want to say only one thing...marilyn was great,i will always love she!