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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marilyn Monroe Barris Sweater

I get a lot of requests from people who are looking for a replica of the Mexican sweater that Marilyn wore during the Barris session.  I got mine from Ian at

Picture 4

Picture 3


  1. Is there anywhere else to get this for cheap because
    i went on this website and it's 145 DOLLARS !
    i really like it, but waaaaaaaaaaaay to much.
    I can ask my granny to make this to me but itll take YEARS !

  2. Puedes llamar a la revista gentesur mexico. Ellos publicaron un trabajo sobre Marilyn y tienen la dirección donde puedes adquirir el sweater original

  3. Actually, that's a good price. I'm a knitter, and I know how much wool costs. This sweater is made from 100% wool and is double-knit and quite thick. it probably took at least 8-10 balls of wool, at around $10 per ball. Then you have to figure in the labor, and the shipping, which is included in the price. However, Ian has a pattern that he will email you if your grandmother wants to tackle it. The only problem is, the pattern is for a single-knit, and the sweater looks skimpy compared to the one for sale.

  4. yes mexico, in Chinconcuac near the pyramids

  5. Yes, in a small town in Mexico. It was made by two married artisans. The good news is the couple that made this sweater are still alive and making them :) . So it's not an imitation... It's the real thing.