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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lost Look Photos

I saw this book on amazon, it is called Marilyn: August 1953 - The Lost Look Photos.  It is scheduled to be released in October, and it looks fantastic. There are definitely photos that I have never seen before. I think photos of Marilyn around this period are some of her best. Plus I love seeing her in CANADA! Can't wait for this to be released.

In 1953, John Vachon, then a photographer for LOOK magazine, snapped dozens of candid shots of Marilyn Monroe in the Canadian Rockies — only two were ever published. This beautiful hardcover collects those unseen photographs for the first time, capturing the sex symbol in intimate, unguarded moments: lounging poolside, riding a ski lift, and snuggling Joe DiMaggio. Includes facsimiles of handwritten letters by Vachon and insightful original essays. 100 duotone photos.

You can pre-order below:


  1. Pre-ordered! It really looks like a great book, I love Marilyn photo books.
    There are a few Marilyn fans who's opinions I trust (yourself included!) so when you pre-approved it, I knew I had to get it!

  2. I can't wait to see this myself. It isn't very often that an entire book focuses on photos that appear to be very rare. At least the ones they have posted so far - I have never seen.

    BTW, thanks for being the first one to comment on my new blog :)

  3. No problem! I remembered I already had a "Blogger" account from when I was at College, we needed to make one up to chart our progress in our work placements.

    So expect more "exciting" comments from me! hehe x