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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Book - Marilyn in Words, Pictures and Music

This book has been out for several months now but I just got my copy from the publisher.  I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it is.
First, I was expecting a much smaller book when I heard it came with a CD of her music.  Instead it is quite large and there were several rarer photos which I liked.
It is a different kind of Marilyn book.  It is also a book about Hollywood so it might appeal to a larger group.  The authors talk about Hollywood in general and the stars that were famous during various times in Marilyn's life. Of course, it isn't perfect and there are some rather glaring text mistakes.  However, I think the concept behind the book and the great photos make up for that.  It does come with a CD of 20 Marilyn songs.
I expected the book to focus more on her music because of this but it didn't.  It is a unique book that I would recommend even though it features THE MOST OVER-USED MARILYN PHOTO on the cover.

The author had contacted me last year for permission to use a photo of my Marilyn calendars he saw on my website HERE.  They appear on page 107 as a FULL PAGE!!!!
I was very excited to see this.  I was also thrilled to see that was listed in the resources section as one of the best websites :)

You can order this book below through Amazon...


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Could you let me know the mistakes as i would like to correct them if it gets a reprint. Cheers


  2. Hi Richard,

    The most common complaints, which I agree with, are the following:

    Marilyn's foster family name should be "Bolender" and not "Bolander".

    Her possible father's name is "Charles Stanley Gifford" not "Stanley Clifford".

    Lastly, most dedicated Marilyn fans are not pleased when Robert Slatzer or Lena Pepitone are used as resources. It is a shame that the story Slatzer made up of being married to Marilyn still gets reprinted. There is absolutely no proof of this lie that he claimed well after her death.

    Lena Pepitone spoke very little english so it has always been suspicious that she was able to recall so many conversations with Marilyn more than 15 years after her death. I met Lena in person and could barely understand what she said. She also would only be interviewed about Marilyn (I tried for my podcast) if you were willing to pay her $400.

    I hope you find this information useful.