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Friday, August 5, 2011

Being 36 on August 5th

It has been 49 years today since Marilyn left us but in reality she never really left.  I am still in awe of the way her legend continues to grow.  Young fans continue to discover her, cities build statues to celebrate her, studios make films about her and collectors pay millions of dollars to own a piece of her.  It is unreal.

I wonder what she would think of all this attention so many years after her last film.  Her image continues to stir envy, controversy and appreciation.  People walk around with her image on their shirts or purses without ever having seen a film.  I'm not against people loving only her image because it keeps her in the public eye.  However, I wish the general public would get a better appreciation for what she was really like in real life.

She was a real person not a piece of celluloid.  Her life was inspiring and sad. She wasn't a whore or a dumb blonde.  She was a human being with a big heart who never really found happiness.  I think it is this last part that makes me sad this time of year.  I can't help but think of her dying alone in her bedroom.  Without a family around to love her.

This year I turned 36 years old.  The age Marilyn was when she died.  I have loved her for more than half my life.  I picked up the Barris book when I was 15 and I remember being captivated by those photos.  I remember thinking how beautiful she was for 36 and how far away that seemed.  Now I am there.  It makes me sad to think about how she was at this same stage in her life that I am in now.  She had the same years of memories and experiences to think back on that I do.  It also means that she had the same future to look forward to.  It is such a shame that she never had the chance.

Sorry for the melancholy mood today - I usually try to celebrate Marilyn's life and not dwell on the sadness - but this year it felt different.  I wanted to share this video I made a few years ago that really expresses how I wish I had been there to save her.

Rest in peace.  Sweet Norma Jeane.

Barrisbeach by Marilynfan62

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  1. I remember exactly the same thing. I found a book with Barris images and connected with her images that way. I still have 5 years to go before I'm the same age as what she was when she died. She continues to inspire me today.