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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Youtube - I'm back B*tches!

Guess you'd need to be familiar with Big Brother to get the title reference :)

It does mean that I am back on youtube though.  I have opened a new account and put back up some of the videos I had on there.  Some have been lost or are not good enough quality to bother putting back up.


  1. Melinda, I am so glad you are back on You tube! I didn't have chance to see videos from your previous account so now I have great opportunity to catch up!I love your site ,I think the site is such a wonderful tribute to Marilyn Monroe and great gift to all her fans. You have put so much work and love in it! Real pleasure to visit.


  2. Thanks very much Anastasia! Glad to hear you enjoy the website. Sorry that you missed the old youtube channel - there was much more selection - but I'll certainly try to add more as time goes on.